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        ABOUT US
                Zhejiang Huafeng Electric Tools Co.,ltd established in 1982, after more than 30 years growth, now we become one of the largest electric tool manufacturers in China, we are specialized and experienced on OEM & ODM. We have more than 1200 staffs, with 200,000㎡ manufacturing area. Producing & Exporting bench tops, portable tools, garden tools more than 3.7 million pieces to the world every year, and the annual turnover reach to 80 million USD. We serve all kinds of customers, from DIY to semi-professional,even to professional level. And keep a stable quality and low warranty all the time.
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        Angle Grinder , Large Angle Grinder , Polisher , Biscuit Jointer , Miter Saw , Cut Off Saw , Table Saw , Circular Saw , Sander , Blower , Multifunction Tool , Wall Paper Stripper , Battery Charger